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Steganos Privacy Suite 20.0

Protects your online privacy by stopping tracking as well as advertising
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Steganos Privacy Suite is a collection of software tools intended to protect your private files. The program has a straightforward interface, which works as a launcher for the utilities. One of the first steps to use this software is setting a master password. Not only that, you can decide to use a USB device as a physical key to add extra security.

Although it can be used for several other functions, the main purpose of this software is to create a sort of “virtually safe”, where you can store sensitive data. Virtual safes work by encrypting the information inside and protecting it with a password. This way, any intruder must crack not only the program´s master password but also the one that is specific to the safe. As an additional security measure, safes can even be disguised inside media files, such as pictures and videos. When opened, a safe can be mounted as a virtual drive to facilitate working with the files it contains. Good news is that there is the possibility to let the container file expand automatically when more space is needed. Another advantage is that you can even encrypt and lock an entire hard disk.

There are other features that make this software quite versatile in terms of data protection. For instance, there is a password manager, that helps you store credentials securely. Likewise, there is a shredder, which erases files beyond any chance of recovery and wipes disk free space. The program can also eliminate every trace of your computer activity by cleaning browsing history and Windows temporary files. Last but not least, it can also block any unauthorized access to your webcam.

All in all, Steganos Privacy Suite is quite a convenient tool if you are worried about others trying to invade your privacy or steal sensitive data. Besides, it can be used by any kind of user, regardless their previous experience. Unfortunately, there are still a few features found in other similar software that you cannot find here. However, it does not stop me from recommending to give it a try, which will not cost you a dime.

Pedro Castro
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  • Double-password protection
  • Disguises safe files
  • Expansible safe file
  • Opens safes as virtual drives
  • Cleans browsing and system history
  • Stores credentials
  • Allows using USB devices as physical keys
  • Encrypts an entire hard disk


  • Lacks some of the features found in other similar products
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