Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos Privacy Suite 22.0

Encrypt and password-protect all your sensitive data to prevent unlawful use

The steady increase of our use of the Web to perform sensitive operations as well as the rising figures in data theft make tools like Steganos Privacy Suite a must for anyone connected to the outside world via a computer. This tool offers two main ways to protect your privacy and increase your security – safes to keep your most valuable data locked and secure and a password manager.

A Steganos Safe is a portion of your disk space reserved for documents, images, videos, and any other kind of data that you wish to keep out of reach for uninvited guests. You can create as many safes as required, each of them with a maximum of 2TB of storage capacity. You can drag and drop to your safes any file or folder you wish to keep private, knowing that any data stored there will be strongly encrypted using 384-bit AES-XEX technology with AES-NI Hardware acceleration. Safes can be made portable, so you can carry your most sensitive data safely with you on a USB drive, a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. For extra protection, you can use the program’s Shredder to make any external copy of the documents in the Safe impossible to recover.

Steganos Password Manager creates keychains where you can store, categorize, autofill, and manage all your passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, ID documents, etc. The program can help you create strong new passwords for your most sensitive online sites and operations, and will remind you to update them regularly for your own safety.

Steganos Privacy Suite supports two-factor authentication for both the safes and the keychains it creates. It supports all kinds of devices (including external USB storage devices) and can encrypt data in the most widely used cloud repositories. Its state-of-the-art encryption algorithms are a guarantee of security, though this security comes at a price. The license price tag is not on the cheap side, unless you make use of the program in the five PCs where you’re allowed to install it.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Uses AES-XEX 384-bit encryption
  • Reminds you of password changes
  • Supports two-factor authentication
  • Creates safes of up to 2TB
  • Supports creating portable safes


  • A bit pricey when used on one device only
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